Tuesday, 22 May 2007


So today I made some good gains on my shares. Now that I have made some gains, I am thinking about investing in another company. Same industry though. Saw some of the analysts reports and all of them except 2 give it the rating of: BUY; the other 2 give it NEUTRAL.

On to some book news. I have recently finished reading the very entertaining book: The colour of law by Mark Gimenez.
Please see below the link to the synopsis. It is available in paperback. Speaking of which, why do they even bother publishing books in hardcover? They are so heavy!

While we are on the subjects of books, I managed to find the Bill Clinton's My Life in a charity shop down the road! I am excited....it is pretty thick book but I will eventually read it. I really admire Clinton!

Why doesn't this surprise me?

ugh, take a look at this report:
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