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Madonna - slutty outfits and ageism

Madonna - slutty outfits and ageism

Hmm I am not a die hard Madonna fan but I don't HATE her either. I like some of her songs and I will probably watch her in a concert (if it was free). 

Now this article isn't about her songs and quality of her gigs. It's about the constant criticism of the clothing she wears.

Personally, I don't really like anyone to leave nothing to imagination but one thing really bugs me: whenever there is an article or criticism of Madonna (there seems to be a lot of them) the newspapers and even other celebrities seem to think it's OK to bring her age into it. If her short underwear bothers you, then it really should also bother you when the likes of Rihanna or Gaga and other young pop singers, wear those type of clothing on stage.

I have a problem picking on someone just because they are "old". On one hand, we are producing and releasing movies, such as this year's Bully (click here for a trailer) and want children and other people to know that it's not OK to pick on people but on the other hand, we think it's OK to pick on someone like Madonna because of her age. 
Madonna may be annoying at times but she is where she is with her hard work. She didn't inherit all that money. She made it. That is something to be admired.

Look this doesn't look very nice:

 but this type of look doesn't look good on anyone (Gaga and Rihana in the following 2 photos)

 This is what Elton John had to say about being bullied:
"It was about control and them being able to keep me under their thumb, and I was the perfect candidate for it. Even though I was famous and a big deal, it doesn’t  matter – it’s who you are  underneath that. ..."
Source: E Online 
and here is Elton on Madonna (one of many times he has spoken about her publicly):

"...she looks like a f***ing fairground stripper."
Source: Daily Mail 

To sum it all up, it's not really a good look on anyone (regardless of age) to dress up in your underwear and parade around on the stage.

Just don't get personal. Don't bully people. Be fair in your criticism and most importantly BE CIVIL.


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