Thursday, 30 September 2010

Phan Thu Trang

I just love the work of Phan Thu Trang. 

Her paintings are colourful and cute. I will try and paint like her this weekend! Check out examples of her work below:

To read more about her, check out this website.

Apple Nano with a new touch!

Check out this new Nano Touch! It looks so cute and colourful. Will you be buying a new Nano with a new touch or have you got enough mp3 players for now?!

Now Jon Kortajarena is sexy!!

So I have been busy updating The bad fashion blog  and all that bad fashion was really starting to get depressing! Well...I thought I will put some good fashion up and I really like Jon Kortajarena. He is really handsome and these photos have some great fashion ideas for the guys!  check it out below!

having a ball? 

Love the jacket and his scarf.

Nice loafers.

funky trousers!

Business meeting?


Nice jacket ;-)

Love the jacket and gloves.

Business as usual?

Dressed down but still looking great.

Another fab jacket.

Love the entire look.

The Bad Fashion Blog is up and running

Check it out HERE!

Emma Thompson's attack on slang!

Emma Thompson recently revealed that it really annoys her when today's kids do not make an effort to speak properly. She said:
"We have to re-invest in the idea of articulacy as a form of personal freedom and power."
 She added that when kids use words like "like" or "innit" it makes them sound stupid!

What do you think? is she right? or should she just chill? :)

Bad bad bad fashion

It's been a while since I visited my fav bad fashion adviser Elin Kling's website! She is a TV personality from Stockholm who advises Stockholm and maybe the rest of Swedish population on how to dress. As you will see from the photos below, I don't really agree with her fashion choices. It amazes me that she actually gets paid for all this! If you disagree with me or are just curious Elin's website can be reached by clicking this link!

Here are some of Elin's recommendations. All photos are taken from Elin's style website (link above).

Love David Gandy

David Gandy is one of my favourite male models. Enjoy ;-)

Love the shoes and his scarf.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

a Jamie Cullum song!

It's a fantastic song :) enjoy!

Will he? Won't he?

Waiting for David Miliband's statement on his future. Speculation is rife that he will quit front line politics but this is all just speculation! He could end up staying.

Personally though, I do not see him staying. I think it will be just too difficult for him to work under his younger brother. His wounds are probably too fresh for that.

He has been playing the proud brother in public but his mask slipped ever so slightly when the camera caught his expression yesterday as Ed Miliband declared the Iraq war wrong. D Miliband is apparently crossed with Ed for using the Iraq war to score points. Ed wasn't even an MP when the vote on Iraq War was taken. Had he been an MP, could he have voted in favour of the war? Well, we will never know, although Ed maintains that he let his feelings about the war known to Gordon Brown then (he was an advisor to GB).

If he stays, I think it will give just too much ammunition to the press and opposition alike. Every disagreement will be scrutinised. It will be Blair Vs Brown all over again but this time the two guys involved ARE in fact brothers!

Will the Conservatives/ Coalition Government be happy to see David retire to the back benches? Well there are two possibilities:

1) D Miliband is known to be very intelligent and having him in the shadow cabinet could mean tough scrutiny for the coalition government plans to cut the deficit. In this case, I think they will be very happy to see him not be part of the Shadow Cabinet or

2) If he stays in the Shadow Cabinet, the coalition government could exploit the differences between the two brothers, in this case I think they would rather have him stay!

What do you think will happen? Do you care?

I heard a D Miliband supporter say that they do not trust E Miliband. The supporter said "If he can stab his own brother in the back then who knows what he will do to us?"

Will Ed Miliband prove his critics wrong? Is he really a breath of fresh air or will his inexperience be his downfall? Only time will tell!

Update 1:  David Miliband is at his door step. Not saying anything right now but I have one question, WHO GAVE HIM THAT SHIRT? 
See it's things like these that make it difficult to take him seriously!

Update 2: David Miliband has confirmed that he will be standing down from frontbench politics but he will remain a backbencher. 

No surprise there...

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

David Milliband asked Harriet Harman a tough question...

...when he saw her clapping rather enthusiastically after Ed Milliband declared the Iraq War "wrong:. D. Miliband asked:
 “Why are you clapping? You voted for it.”
A stoney faced David Milliband caught on camera!

Miss Harman appeared to reply:

“I am clapping because as you know, I am supporting him.” 

Uh oh!  Is this the sign of a rift between the two brothers? Is this the beginning of part two of Blair/Brown divide? Will David forgive Ed for stealing his crown? Wow so many unanswered questions!

If you ask me, David does not look like the forgiving type but I could be wrong! I just don't see them eating a Sunday roast together anytime soon.

Read more on this story here!

Macmillan Cancer Support

If you or a loved one has cancer or would like more information on cancer and support, Macmillan Cancer Support Charity is very helpful. Please support them.

Apprentice UK

SIr  Lord Alan Sugar's 'Apprentice' - starts on the 6th of October on BBC1

So a new season of Apprentice UK is upon us (season premier on the 6th of October on BBC One). There are two very important changes this year:

  1. Sir Alan Sugar is no more! it is now LORD Alan Sugar! Would be funny to hear contestants call him that. I wonder if anyone will slip and call him Sir and most importantly would Lord Alan correct them? :-)
  2. Margarette has left the building and we will now have Karen Brady take over that role
The Board

The rest of the line up is the same. Overly ambitious people who would not last one day in a job with that attitude of theirs because each one of them back stabs the other and most of the time they cannot work in a team!

Will you be watching Apprentice? 

Gossip Girl

Yes...Gossip Girl is back and I know it's not the most intellectually stimulating show BUT I cannot get enough of it! It is my guilty pleasure! The show is so ridiculous but hey, sometimes you do need light entertainment!

So...season 4 has started! and we are already in the 3rd episode!  The gang hasn't taken long to get back into the action. All the love affairs are forgotten (Hello?! wasn't Chuck about to propose to Blair before she found out that he slept with whatsherface? wasn't Blair the love of Chuck's life? but hey this is season 4, that was soooo last season because now Chuck has got this naive and very annoying French girlfriend (Eva). She found him shot in Prague and saved his life and now Chuck is like "who is Blair?").

Other developments:

  • There is a new bitch in town aka Juliet! She is obviously plotting against the gang!  How can Nate not see it?! Nate is such an idiot!

  • Whatsherface (aka Jenny) is still out of the picture..Thank God for that!

  • Serena is enrolled at Columbia (Blair has transferred from NYU and Nate already is enrolled there) but none of these guys attend classes. There is just sooo much drama and and no time to study...

  • Gossip Girl now broadcasts live! Kudos for that :) .

  • Georgina lied about Dan being the father of her child (the fact that Dan believes anything that comes out of Georgina's mouth just beggars belief!) and then she comes back from her "spa break" and takes the baby away...just like that! and Dan will forget all about it by next episode.

Next episode: From the preview it appears that Eva could in fact be a prostitute? What skeletons is she hiding in her closet?!

Quote of the episode:

Blair to Eva (the naive and annoying French girl):
"If I were you, I'd accessorize with some gloves. Even a manicure can't mask those peasant hands." OUCH!

Brothers and Sisters

Meh - just saw the season premier of Brother and Sisters and I thought it was a bit rubbish? I am sorry but the show isn't the same without Rob Lowe. The Senator kicked ass!

What's with Holly losing her memory? Are we REALLY going to go over the whole William Walker story again? Have they run out of ideas?

The only good thing about the season was Luc's advertising underwear!  See photo below!

So this the final season of Brothers and Sisters? is there anything left?

Why did David Milliband lose the leadership election?

Could it be because:

  1. He comes across a little bit arrogant and aloof?
  2. Supported by Tony Blair and people do want to the same old?
  3. Is a bottler? Remember he had 3 opportunities to topple Brown but each time he backed off at the last minute. That makes him look like someone who cannot be ruthless and grab his chances. Who wants a timid leader?
  4. The impression was that the Labour Leadership was his and perhaps many voters did not like being told that their vote wouldn't make much difference and as a result they voted for Ed as a protest?
  5. Trade Unions!
  6. He was just unlucky?

wow the reasons could be endless!!

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