Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Gossip Girl

Yes...Gossip Girl is back and I know it's not the most intellectually stimulating show BUT I cannot get enough of it! It is my guilty pleasure! The show is so ridiculous but hey, sometimes you do need light entertainment!

So...season 4 has started! and we are already in the 3rd episode!  The gang hasn't taken long to get back into the action. All the love affairs are forgotten (Hello?! wasn't Chuck about to propose to Blair before she found out that he slept with whatsherface? wasn't Blair the love of Chuck's life? but hey this is season 4, that was soooo last season because now Chuck has got this naive and very annoying French girlfriend (Eva). She found him shot in Prague and saved his life and now Chuck is like "who is Blair?").

Other developments:

  • There is a new bitch in town aka Juliet! She is obviously plotting against the gang!  How can Nate not see it?! Nate is such an idiot!

  • Whatsherface (aka Jenny) is still out of the picture..Thank God for that!

  • Serena is enrolled at Columbia (Blair has transferred from NYU and Nate already is enrolled there) but none of these guys attend classes. There is just sooo much drama and and no time to study...

  • Gossip Girl now broadcasts live! Kudos for that :) .

  • Georgina lied about Dan being the father of her child (the fact that Dan believes anything that comes out of Georgina's mouth just beggars belief!) and then she comes back from her "spa break" and takes the baby away...just like that! and Dan will forget all about it by next episode.

Next episode: From the preview it appears that Eva could in fact be a prostitute? What skeletons is she hiding in her closet?!

Quote of the episode:

Blair to Eva (the naive and annoying French girl):
"If I were you, I'd accessorize with some gloves. Even a manicure can't mask those peasant hands." OUCH!

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