Monday, 29 November 2010

Charlie Hunnam reminds me of Brad Pitt

I have no idea whatever has happened to Charlie Hunnam. He made a couple of movies. He has always reminded me of Brad Pitt. What do you think?

Here he doesn't look like Brad Pitt but I really like his outfit. 

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

B&W yet evergreen- James Dean

Although he had a short life but that man was special. He was pretty cool. The rebel without a cause: James Dean.

♥ James Franco ♥

James Franco is one of my fav actors. Here are a few photos of Mr Franco. I believe the first one was taken by Annie Leibovitz  or Mario Testino but I could be wrong. 

King of cool - Steve McQueen

I think Steve McQueen is one of the main contender for King of Cool (others are probably, well for me anyway, James Dean and Robert Redford). McQueen's grandson's (who by the way, really CAN work a tux) photo can be seen right at the very end of this post).

Steve McQueen's grandson Steve R. McQueen can be seen as Jeremy Gilbert in Vampire Diaries. 

Family resemblance? 

Iconic images: Richard Avedon

It's been over 6 years since Richard Avedon passed away, but his work stays alive:

More interiors I like...

homely or stately?

The walls and ceilings are just WOW. Some may find it very stuffy. I think this just gets away with it without looking too old fashioned.

A light welcome?

I really like the airy and light feel to the interior of this house. Lime green in the main entrance has never looked so good! I love the clutter-free feel of this house. 

Pink or orange kitchen?

Both kitchens looks amazing and I love the colour schemes.  I think a kitchen is one of the rooms in a house that needs proper consideration. Ideally, it should be a big so that things don't get in the way when cooking...

Nostalgic for summer...

These photos from yet another issue of House & Garden really make me think of summer. I also like the "Greek" feel to the interior and exterior of this place (minus photo no 1 which could be anywhere really). 

Right now, when I look outside my window, I see grey sky. Hey! It could snow so I am not going to complain :) Winter just isn't the same with some snow fall :) Will we get a white Christmas in London this year? hmmm

House & Garden Book of Style: The Best of Contemporary Decorating
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