Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Will he? Won't he?

Waiting for David Miliband's statement on his future. Speculation is rife that he will quit front line politics but this is all just speculation! He could end up staying.

Personally though, I do not see him staying. I think it will be just too difficult for him to work under his younger brother. His wounds are probably too fresh for that.

He has been playing the proud brother in public but his mask slipped ever so slightly when the camera caught his expression yesterday as Ed Miliband declared the Iraq war wrong. D Miliband is apparently crossed with Ed for using the Iraq war to score points. Ed wasn't even an MP when the vote on Iraq War was taken. Had he been an MP, could he have voted in favour of the war? Well, we will never know, although Ed maintains that he let his feelings about the war known to Gordon Brown then (he was an advisor to GB).

If he stays, I think it will give just too much ammunition to the press and opposition alike. Every disagreement will be scrutinised. It will be Blair Vs Brown all over again but this time the two guys involved ARE in fact brothers!

Will the Conservatives/ Coalition Government be happy to see David retire to the back benches? Well there are two possibilities:

1) D Miliband is known to be very intelligent and having him in the shadow cabinet could mean tough scrutiny for the coalition government plans to cut the deficit. In this case, I think they will be very happy to see him not be part of the Shadow Cabinet or

2) If he stays in the Shadow Cabinet, the coalition government could exploit the differences between the two brothers, in this case I think they would rather have him stay!

What do you think will happen? Do you care?

I heard a D Miliband supporter say that they do not trust E Miliband. The supporter said "If he can stab his own brother in the back then who knows what he will do to us?"

Will Ed Miliband prove his critics wrong? Is he really a breath of fresh air or will his inexperience be his downfall? Only time will tell!

Update 1:  David Miliband is at his door step. Not saying anything right now but I have one question, WHO GAVE HIM THAT SHIRT? 
See it's things like these that make it difficult to take him seriously!

Update 2: David Miliband has confirmed that he will be standing down from frontbench politics but he will remain a backbencher. 

No surprise there...

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