Tuesday, 28 September 2010

David Milliband asked Harriet Harman a tough question...

...when he saw her clapping rather enthusiastically after Ed Milliband declared the Iraq War "wrong:. D. Miliband asked:
 “Why are you clapping? You voted for it.”
A stoney faced David Milliband caught on camera!

Miss Harman appeared to reply:

“I am clapping because as you know, I am supporting him.” 

Uh oh!  Is this the sign of a rift between the two brothers? Is this the beginning of part two of Blair/Brown divide? Will David forgive Ed for stealing his crown? Wow so many unanswered questions!

If you ask me, David does not look like the forgiving type but I could be wrong! I just don't see them eating a Sunday roast together anytime soon.

Read more on this story here!

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