Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Apprentice UK

SIr  Lord Alan Sugar's 'Apprentice' - starts on the 6th of October on BBC1

So a new season of Apprentice UK is upon us (season premier on the 6th of October on BBC One). There are two very important changes this year:

  1. Sir Alan Sugar is no more! it is now LORD Alan Sugar! Would be funny to hear contestants call him that. I wonder if anyone will slip and call him Sir and most importantly would Lord Alan correct them? :-)
  2. Margarette has left the building and we will now have Karen Brady take over that role
The Board

The rest of the line up is the same. Overly ambitious people who would not last one day in a job with that attitude of theirs because each one of them back stabs the other and most of the time they cannot work in a team!

Will you be watching Apprentice? 

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