Saturday, 31 March 2007

Abercrombie and Fitch in London

Today I went to the new A&F store in London. Just off of New Bond Street. First of all, unless you really know the address, you won't find it. It does not have a name outside the shop. However, you will certainly notice the loud music and some cute male models standing outside the door.
This A&F is so much different than the American A&F. It is set on 2 floors and its is dark inside and spot lights are on the clothes (but you can still find it a bit difficult to read the sizes). The music is very loud and gives you the feel of being in a night club rather than a shop. Nearly half naked models walk around. Some dance on the top floor "balcony". You can get your photo taken (when you leave the store) with 2 half naked male models with 6 packs. The clothes are normal khaki American, a bit OC like...however, if you want to try them and buy what you like, you might want to think about sparing an hr for that alone (at least on a Saturday). I waited 25 mins to try 6 items. They only had 5 dressing rooms for such a big store. I was told there was few downstairs but it was so dark, I must have missed them! My dressing room door wouldn't close so the male model on duty decided to help out. He forced it and it closed! After trying my clothes on, I decided on a top but the door won't open. The music was very loud so initially no one heard my knocks. Finally they heard me when I really banged on the door with the wooden hangers! It took them a while to get me out and by that time I had lost my desire to stand in yet another que (average waiting time was about 40 mins) and handed back the item to the models. They looked offended that I didn't buy anything but whatever. Somewhere in the dark rooms I found my friend waiting for me and together we exited the A&F store.
Overall: Some clothes were nice - I think the men's collection was much better than the women's. The darkness, the loud music, the insane idea of making models dance around was a bit of a draw back.

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