Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Silver tights hurt my eyes! OUCH!!

Umm Charolotte Church is pregnant and getting married next month if anyone cares!
On to something different. Did anyone watch the FA cup quarter final with Chelsea and Hot Spurs? Chelsea won...which sucked but for me the highlight was the constant booing of Cashley Cole (oops not again, sorry I meant Ashley Cole)..

I have been a little bit hooked to this social site called Stureplan. It is the Stockholm's "happening place". Anyway, this girl called Elin Kling does not fail to entertain me in her weekly "fashion column". Maybe something is wrong with my judgement but all I see every week is almost the same outfit and just with a different coloured tights! I really hope that "fashion followers" do not follow her because its just that the tights aren't even that special. They are hideous!! Anyway, Here is a photo of her and a link to her column. Be amused!


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