Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bat to the Bond?

License to kill forever?

 I am getting really impatient with the Bond makers! Daniel Craig is not getting younger! They need to get their arses in gear and do something about Bond 23!

I understand the studios behind the franchise is having financial troubles but come on! someone please quickly buy the rights and make another Bond film with the gorgeous Daniel Craig!

Bond 23?
Anyway, in one of the August issues of Entertainment Weekly, their cover story wondered if 'Bond is dead?'. I don't want Bond to die...he cannot die! OK? no room for discussion here! Hmm but if the studio takes longer to find a buyer for Bond, then I am sure Daniel Craig won't wait forever. In this heart breaking scenario, I wondered who could take his place? It will have to be someone very hot! I think the only guy I can think of, who is in the Bond category, is the gorgeous Christian Bale! What do you think? is he hot enough?
Batman to the rescue?

Will he answer the call for Bond?

The future Bond?
too psycho or too hot?

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