Friday, 1 October 2010

Hamid Karzai: Delusional, off his meds and high on weed!!

off his meds?

This is how Mr Karzai has been described by Karl Eikenberry, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan. Mr Eikenberry has decribed the Afghan president to US Vice President Joe Biden by saying:
"He's on his meds, he's off his meds"
These quotes appear in a new book called 'Obama's Wars'. You can see some info on it here.  There are further accusations by Peter Galbraith, the former United Nationsl envoy, that:
"Karzai is on drugs and mentally unstable!"
Galbraith also added:
"I don't have the background to make a clinical diagnosis but it was clear from his behaviour there was something wrong. He's someone with big ups and downs who can be both charming and very prone to tirades... we had reports from palace insiders that he smoked hashish"

Maybe you remember but this year after a dressing down from President Obama, Mr Karzai threatened to join the Taliban! 

Do you think guy is a crazy drug addict ? Do you think we should be more sensitive towards people with mental issues? Churchill suffered from depression but he made amazing decisions for the country. So maybe Galbraith has a point when he said that:
"There are people who have mental issues who function fine but this guy doesn't function fine...He's ineffective, illegitimate and weird"

Oh dear!

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