Thursday, 21 October 2010

Interiors and a sculpture

I was flicking through the interior design magazines and really liked the following photos. Explaination at the bottom of each photo:

I just love this cover. The world of Interiors is a fabulous magazine. It is full of fantastic photos and their covers are usually very striking. I love this photo because I love the antique and yet very airy feel about this room. Love the book cases. It could be a funky office reception area? What do you think?

This stunning sculpture is made by Jamie Beardsall and costs a whooping £15k. The idea is as if looking for all the world as it were running a jump into the lake.

The bronze roe deer is set in in 'motion' by addition of fountain or water jet set into the lake, designed to burst under it's feet. The result is fantastic. I really love this idea and I think it looks amazing.

House & Garden Magazine Feb 08

The back of the chairs are towards the fire place ...but I think this room looks fantastic and so colourful and warm.

House & Garden Magazine Feb 08

This is taken from the same house and I really like the owner's taste.

House & Garden Feb 08
This final photo is also from the same house as the other 2 photos above. The owner has tried to bring things from around the world (Africa to Asia) and the result isn't very chaotic but very unique. This is a loo ...interesting...don't you think? :)

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